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12 Great Ideas for Pet Photo Shoots – Bruce Weber

by Ruben Trevor

A photoshoot of your pet is a great way to capture your furry friend’s personality and have some lasting memories. Here are 12 great ideas for pet photoshoots in the style of legendary photographer Bruce Weber.

1) Have your pet pose in a natural setting.

This could include your backyard, a park, or any other location that has a lot of natural beauty. If you’re lucky, you may be able to find a scenic spot that will make for an incredible first photo.

2) Dress up your pet in costumes or props.

This is especially cute if you have children, who will likely love the opportunity to dress their pet like their favorite character (like The Little Mermaid). Props can also be lots of fun (although they’re not necessary). Just be sure to keep safety in mind. If your pet is likely to chew on a prop, you may want to avoid using it.

3) Give your pet a fabulous new hairdo with a professional groomer or at-home care products.

If your pet has a naturally beautiful look, you can highlight their natural beauty by having them groomed or styling their hair yourself.

4) Add your pet to a photograph you’ve taken at home or in a studio.

The possibilities are endless for this one, but it’s especially fun if you’re able to take the photo in front of an interesting backdrop (like a wall with graffiti). You can then use that photo in various ways, like creating a calendar or blog header.

5) Take your pet for a walk downtown.

Your pet will love it, and you’ll get some great photos of the local scenery.

6) Get an old-fashioned photo booth strip at a local event or festival.

This is especially fun when you have a large group of people and pets. Be sure to snap a few solo shots, too.

7) Stage a pet photoshoot with friends or family.

This can be especially fun if you have young children who are just learning about photography. They’ll love the chance to take photos of their beloved pet.

8) Shoot photos in the early morning or late evening.

This is when the lighting will be really beautiful, and it’ll create a peaceful atmosphere for your photos.

9) Take your pet to the park or beach at sunset.

The lighting will create gorgeous colors, whether you take black & white or color photos. Either way, they’re guaranteed to be beautiful.

10) Get a photo of your pet looking up at the sky.

This is an easy one, but it’s also a great way to make sure you capture your pet’s eyes and facial features.

11) Have your pet pose with another animal or person.

You’ll want to take lots of photos in this scenario, as it’ll be sure to create some interesting and memorable shots.

12) Take your pet to a professional studio for a portrait session.

If you want to go all out, this is the way to do it. You’ll be able to get some really amazing photos of your pet with studio lighting and backdrops.

Whatever photoshoot ideas you choose, just be sure to have fun with it and capture lots of great memories. Of course, your pet will thank you for it!

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