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5 Indicators You Need Tree Removal in Cape Cod (Pro Advice)

by Ruben Trevor

Tree removal is a service that many people might not know much about because they assume that they’ll never need it. However, it’s an essential service to know about in case you ever will need it, but how do you know when you should call for tree removal in Cape Cod? Well, we’re going to give you the top 5 indicators that you may need tree removal in Cape Cod. 

5 Signs You Need Tree Removal

  • The tree is decaying or dead

Dead or decaying trees need to be removed because they can fall over due to the lack of stability. Plus a dead or decaying tree has the possibility of dropping branches which can hurt people below it or it can damage objects and properties in range of the tree. 

  • Tree has a significant lean

Leaning trees aren’t always a cause for concern, but it is essential to remove trees that have a heavy lean. These trees are more than likely going to fall in the future, making it the best decision to call a Cape Cod arborist to remove the tree before it even has the chance to fall over. 

  • The tree is diseased

It’s not always necessary to remove a diseased tree, but it’s definitely something that should be done to avoid injury and the spread of disease. Diseased trees are usually much more brittle than others and they can spread the disease to all other healthy trees around it. 

  • Tree is in a Hazardous location 

If the tree is too close to a ome, building, power line, or another tree then they may need ot be removed. Sometimes tree trimming can solve this problem, but other times it’s best to just remove the tree altogether to make sure that it doesn’t negatively affect anything that it is near. 

  • Tree is hollow or heavily damaged

Trees that are very hollow or that have significant damage can be very dangerous to keep on your property. It’s best that if you notice any significant damage that you remove the tree right away to avoid problems. 

The Bottom Line

Overall, there are many indicators that you need tree removal in Cape Cod, but these 5 will give you a good place to start. Remember to act fast if you see any of these signs as they can worsen over time if they’re not handled as soon as possible. Hopefully this will help you next time you’re trying to watch for signs of needing tree removal in Cape Cod. 

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