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5 Reasons Why Lead Generation for Contractors is a Good Idea

by Ruben Trevor

If you’re eager to grow your business, consider lead generation companies for contractors. A lead generation company specializes in bringing clients to your doorstep with websites, SEO, social media, and other specialty techniques. In turn, you can enjoy maximum client growth with minimal investment.

However, someone self-employed or running their own business might hesitate to hire lead generation companies for their contractor business. This includes industries such as roofing, carpet cleaning, foundation repair, pressure washing, and other home services. One reason is that they might not realize what these companies do. Two, many contractors don’t realize the results they can enjoy by hiring lead gen companies! Check out what that means so you know if a lead generation company is right for your business.

1. Lead generation companies for contractors know the internet!

Experienced contractors know that most clients find them through internet searches. In turn, a high-quality website is vital for any contractor business. However, simply publishing a website is not enough to bring potential clients to your door!

Instead, a lead generation provider might also open social media accounts, which help verify your business contact information. Also, these providers get your URL onto sites other than your own, which also increases your visibility. They might write guest blogs or find backlinks, to get your own site found more readily.

In addition to these simple steps, lead generation companies for contractors might manage dozens of other internet-related tasks. These also help search engines find your site and, in turn, get visitors to your door. Above all, lead providers stay up to date with changes to how sites are found and adjust yours accordingly.

2. Professional lead gen providers weed out unqualified leads

As a contractor, you don’t want to waste your time with unqualified leads. These can include leads from outside your service area or persons searching for a service you don’t offer. With this in mind, many lead generation companies for contractors help weed out those unqualified leads.

For instance, a contractor might neglect to note his or her service area on their website. A professional lead gen provider ensures that they include major cities in your website content. Also, a lead gen provider notes all services offered so potential clients know if you provide the expertise they need within the local city or state region.

3. A lead gen provider converts visitors to clients

If your website gets lots of visitors but not a lot of clients, you need a lead generation provider! These professionals know how to encourage anyone visiting your site to take that next step of actually contacting you. One way they do this is by creating informative content that helps convince visitors of the need for your services. Two, they ensure it’s easy to fill out a form or find your email and phone number.

Also, many lead generation companies for contractors keep track of what site pages convert the most visitors to clients. In turn, they can see what’s working on those pages and use the same techniques elsewhere on your site. Consequently, your site will help convince those visitors that they should hire you as their contractor!

4. Lead generation providers study the competition

Along with getting your website found by potential clients, a lead generation provider ensures it outshines the competition! Most such companies study the highest-ranking or most popular websites for your industry and area. In turn, they make changes or improvements to your site as needed to ensure potential clients find you first.

5. Lead generation providers do the work, so you don’t have to!

If everything you’ve read so far sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is! This is also another reason to hire lead generation companies for contractors. The right company can manage the tedious and technical work of finding leads readily and easily. Additionally, hiring a lead generation provider frees you up to run your business!

How do you get contractor leads?

In addition to a lead generation provider, don’t overlook referrals from satisfied clients. Also, you can try approaching potential clients in person. For example, a landscaper or pressure washing contractor should call on area apartment complexes and businesses. Even if they’re not interested at the moment, it’s helpful to leave them with a business card!

Also, contractors should use social media where possible. Posting before and after pictures of landscaping, renovations, and other projects helps potential clients see the value of your services! Also, ask clients to tag you in their posts about your work! Additionally, consider local trade shows and other marketing events that allow you to showcase your work and distribute marketing materials.

How much do contractors pay for leads?

A high-quality lead generation company usually charges a small fee per quality lead generated. Also, they typically base that fee on your industry and how much you earn per lead. For instance, a pressure washing project might earn a few hundred dollars while foundation repair runs into the thousands. In turn, a foundation repair contractor usually pays more per lead!

When choosing a lead generation company, compare their price structure and guarantee. You can then decide on the best company for your needs based on your budget and ability to grow your business!

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