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Are Automatic Bagging Machines Important?

by Ruben Trevor

Automatic Bagging Machines come in handy when you need to bag several items and have a high demand for speed. They can put ten boxes or more into one. With the option of dropping that box on the conveyor or on top of another box, these machines are an efficient way to complete tasks at hand. Automatic Bagging Machines may be a bit pricey, but they are worth every cent since they serve their purpose and do it quickly.

What are the Benefits of Automatic Bagging Machines?

Automatic bagging machines have many benefits over conventional manual methods. Automatic baggers can be designed for each specific application to allow proper bag orientation, sheet over the sheet, or double sheet sealing. They can have the capability for either reglazing or restuffing at speeds up to 4000 bags per hour. Here are all the benefits of these machines;

Reduce Labor-Automatic bagging machines can start from scratch and make endless bags without manual handholds. They have see-through or tinted windows that allow you to see the contents of the bag. The machine has a speed that allows it to bag thousands of units per hour. The automatic bagging machines are less prone to mistakes than manual bagging operations.

Several bagging options: There are different types of machines like the semi-automatic and automatic bagging options. The semi-automatic system is one where a bagger puts an item on the belt, and then that machine takes it and bags it, then the next person puts an item on the belt and repeats. The automatic bagging system has two arms that take items as they fall down onto a conveyor belt.

Save time and money: Although bagging groceries has long been a standard of supermarket shopping, automatic bagging helps save time, effort, and money since less time and effort is spent on cutting and tying your own bags. Most also find that automatic machines are kinder to the environment than their handcrafted counterparts.

Speeds up the process-At stores with an automatic bagging machine. It takes more than 30 seconds for customers to bag their own groceries. This is because, unlike traditional baggers who both stock and bag products, the machine operator must set the amount of produce per bag before each scan. An automatic bagger greatly speeds up this process by setting the produce automatically while scanning each product and then placed in bags, which are then dropped into a waiting cart.

It helps boost productivity in the workplace-An automatic bagging machine can be used to increase the productivity of a packaging team rapidly. Increased frequency and reduction in paperwork make for a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly packing solution

Simplifies hard tasks in supermarkets-For many supermarkets, packaging products is a major operation. The task is made particularly difficult because of the great variety of sizes and shapes. The packer has to be flexible and do what it takes to make the package fit for some items. For instance, the packer might have to tear off a portion of an item’s container at one packing station to make a bag fit. The automatic bagging machine eliminates this problem. At a certain point in the packaging process, all products go onto a conveyor that directs them into two different paths – one for bags and one for cartons, crates, or boxes. After being packed, each product is placed on another conveyor, directing it to its proper truck for shipping.

They help reduce waste-If you can’t bag it. We’ll bag it for you. That’s what separates automatic bagging machines from conventional ones. Conventional bagging machines require the user to empty each item into a separate bag. In contrast, automatic bagging machines have conveyor belts attached to them that move the items along to be packaged in separate bags. Automatic bagging machines help reduce waste because they reduce the amount of bags used. They can also help save time by packing groceries faster than if they were packaged manually.

Prevent shoplifting– In the past, cashiers would bag the items purchased by customers, leading to higher shoplifting rates. Automatic bagging machines are great for inventory management as well as losing less money to shoplifting. The machine knows how to bag each item in the most efficient way possible, depending on the size of said item and other factors. Shoplifting is reduced as the automatic bagging machines require an employee present to operate it, and you must place your items into bags that are checked before they are placed into the bagging area.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Bagging Machine

Automatic bagging machines are used to automatically place a number of small products of different sizes into a single larger bag. These bag machines are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, and industrial sector. There are three categories of technology used while manufacturing these bagging machines: flat-sheet film, tubular film, and reusable bags. Choose the right machine that fits your needs by considering types of product, volume of production, type of packaging, and desired productivity.

Your type of products-When you select a bagging machine for your packaging solution, the most important consideration is what kind of products you pack. That’s because the process of packaging differs depending on the products. For instance, a simple bagging gadget is ideal for plastic products, while an automatic bagging machine is best for food products.

Production volume– Averagely, most bagging machines are designed to seal around 1 to 5 bags per minute. But the automatic bagging machine is the best since it features a fast throughput rate. Therefore, it fills, weighs, and seals over 12 bags per minute. That means it boosts production capacity creating room for scalability. So, if you have a higher production volume, investing in an automatic bagging machine is the best option.

Employees Training and Safety- Your packaging activities should run without affecting the safety of the workers. You should select a bagging machine that’s not only safe but also easier to use so that your employees can operate it with ease. A complex machine can bring activities in your company to a halt. So, risk assessment is paramount while choosing a bagging machine.

Finally, save thousands of dollars annually by reducing the amount of human labor needed to fill bags. Fill bags at the rate of 500 to 1000 per hour and eliminate the need for manual bagging with an automatic bagging machine!

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