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Choose health over weight loss

by Ruben Trevor

With the Slinky aspect, plastering everything from magazines, TV, Internet, it is easy to lose sight of the reason why we are looking for weight loss. Many of us take January until we can force our bodies in another healthy way to unhealthy condition so we can fit into the latest fashion or swimsuit. Another group buys and abuses the latest in special training teams to trim these thighs, ABS or whatever. Pursuing this weight up and down and the abnormal form are often the things that destroy our health “look healthy”. Instead, when choosing health as our approach, we can live longer, more energetic lives and look better in the process.

It loses weight loss diet: the greatest guilty in the health industry and physical condition is the diet of weight loss. Strategically placed advertising tries to convince ourselves that we can eliminate months of weight gain in a few easy weeks. No matter the method, try to lose weight too fast is more dangerous for your health than just having overweight. Check with your doctor before using any weight loss diet. Assuming I managed to lose weight in the diet, the next problem is how to go back to normal life without having it back. This is the effect of I-Yo that endangers the health of most people who wear weight loss diets. The slogan goes … “Simply replace a meal a day.” Correct! What usually is generally in the fine letter, “… along with a healthy and balanced diet.” Do you want to lose slow and safe weight? When you see your doctor, get a sample of a healthy and balanced diet to use it and follow it … I’m going to need, anyway.

Exorcise Exercise: These ads try to sell you specialized equipment for “sculpting” your body in what you want you to believe is the most desirable way. Unfortunately, they use the most abnormal men and women more grotesquely to represent that form. They remind me of comic characters. If you want to appear in “Muscle Beach” this summer, go for it, but do not worry to believe that it is because of your health. In fact, it can be a symptom of a serious mental condition known as narcissistic personality disorder. Healthy mental people do not need sculpted Pecs, ABS from the wash table or wasp look as popular among women, to feel good with themselves. The fact is that it feels good is less about how we see each other and more about the promotion of our health through the right exercise.

Choose Health … Eat well … Right exercise: doctors will tell you that people come in all shapes and sizes. Although they try to establish weight standards, variations are so great that someone qualified as “obese” in the body mass index could be really normal and healthy for the body type of it. Our weight objectives should point to a healthy weight for our type. They must be fulfilled following the part “along with a healthy and well-balanced diet” of the plans of the diet and losing the products of the diet. Our forms are more dictated by our genes than anything else, so, exercise should be to keep our bodies in good working conditions, not to remode them in some idealistic image. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise 3-4 days per week will do more for our health than an hour a day trying to mold us.

We spent billions of dollars and millions of hours each year, trying to reach an unrealistic ideal of what should be a healthy, vibrant and energetic person. We forge our bodies to do things that were not destined to do for the short-term result of some appearance. In fact, the long-term strategy to look healthy is to establish health, not look at them, such as the goal. As an additional benefit, this goal is much easier to achieve and maintain an arbitrary form. You can discover that the fastest and easiest way to look healthy is to be healthy.

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