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Cooking steak with a gas grill

by Ruben Trevor

The cooking steak on a gas grill is one of the most popular hobby of spring and summer seasons. There is nothing better than the aroma of cooking meat and the aroma moves throughout the block. A rear picnic would not be complete without a grilled steak on the table.

The best way to grill steak is to make sure the grill is very hot, so that the meat cooks quickly and correctly, then remove it from the grill as soon as it is done. The grill must be preheated to the temperature that cook the meat at a desired level of cooking without burning its surface. Steaks should first be brought to room temperature, then placed on the grill. The lid on the grill must remain closed at any time except turning the meat.

The steak should be turned when the sides start to appear gray and there are grill marks on the bottom. Once the steak turned, let it cook at the same time as it made the first side. If you do not have a thermometer to check the internal temperature, your hand can be used to detect well-being. Tap the meat with your finger to check. Then compare it to put your index in your thumb, checking the softness of your skin at the ball of your thumb. Each finger adds a degree of well-being with the rare medium size index and the pink finger is well done.

Once the steak has reached the desired temperature, it must be removed from the grill and allowed to sit for five to ten minutes. Meanwhile, the steak will end the cooking and the juices will have the time to circulate. The steak should sit at room temperature and be loosely covered until it is ready to serve.

The use of the gas grill to cook the steak is a quick and convenient way to prepare summer meals. The ambient temperature steaks placed on a hot grid and cooked to perfection on each side, then left rest, will be the pieces of more just meat. As grilling becomes more experienced, they can start thinking about inviting neighbors on a barbecue.

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