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Creative Business Financing For Today’s Economic Atmosphere

by Ruben Trevor

During these uncertain economic occasions, emerging franchise information mill discovering it hard to fund their franchise expansion strategies. Typically, franchise companies fund their startup and expansion in 1 of 2 ways:

1. Through the Shoe String. Launch and expansion funds originate from buddies, family, home equity, and charge cards (although a number of these traditional funding sources are difficult to acquire nowadays). If all of the stars align properly, this initial capital bridges the space until internally generated income has the capacity to fund future growth.

2. Institutional Capital. There’s two causes of institutional capital – (1) loans and (2) venture or angel funding. Loans generally originate with banks. Loans frequently require significant collateral and private guarantees. Institutional investors typically don’t purchase franchise companies as they do not “get franchising”. Although recently, this trend is altering as some institutional investors are funding competent franchise companies’ expansion strategies. Private investors make investments in franchise companies, but frequently require a lot of control, which some franchise entrepreneurs find objectionable.

A franchise company has two assets of intrinsic value: (1) ip which constitutes the “franchise system” and (2) the geographical franchise territory. Many franchisors don’t realize the chance to finance their launch and expansion costs could be acquired without borrowing or selling equity by leveraging these assets.

Structural Funding

Structural funding is really a financing mechanism that produces capital through purchase of the franchise company’s ip and geographic territory. This is often over a purchase/leaseback of the company’s property to create cash. Combine the purchase of those assets using the implementation of the business structure that shifts operational costs and support responsibilities to some proper partner, and you’ve got a cutting-edge strategy that you can use to totally fund a franchise company’s launch and growth strategy.

There’s no wrong or right funding solution. Each features its own pros and cons. However, Structural Funding isn’t reviewed by loan or investor committees. It’s more similar to simply locating a good partner.

How a place Representative Structure Works

You will find five elements in effectively structuring a place Representative Franchise Growth Strategy:

1. Value Creation. The purchase of ip and geographical territory may be the mechanism that generates revenue by means of Initial Area Representative (AR) Franchise Charges. The first charges can vary from $50,000 to $300,000 per territory, with respect to the complexity from the franchise system and how big the geographical territory being awarded. These charges are deployed through the franchiser to promote the AR strategy, underwrite working out and support of AR, and also to offset other operational costs in handling the franchise company and also the Area Representative Program.

2. Royalty Discussing. The discussing of royalties results in a business arrangement by which a lot of the operational and support responsibilities are used in the AR Proper Partner. The royalty discussing percentage can vary from 40% to 75%, with respect to the scope of offer the AR accounts for supplying to franchisees. Some contracts delegate all training, opening, and continuing support towards the AR, as well as in other situations the franchiser maintains training and opening responsibilities, and just field support is down to the AR.

3. The Best Franchise Development Schedule. Frequently, franchisers are extremely aggressive in creating unit franchise development schedules. If your development schedule is simply too aggressive, an AR may award franchises to marginally qualified franchise candidates, only to satisfy the development schedule.

4. Recruiting Mr. Right. In my opinion, a correctly capitalized sales-oriented individual is the perfect AR candidate than the usual well capitalized resumé wealthy senior corporate executive. Gifted operational individuals could be employed easier than the usual franchisee centric motivator and purchasers oriented executive.

5. The Best Support Infrastructure. Most franchisors who implement a place Representative Program make use of the same support system and personnel they use to aid their franchisee network. This can be a huge mistake. Franchisees and AR are a couple of distinct constituencies, and want the right support system that is centered on their demands.

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