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Customer Service Sets Ceramic Hybrid Ball Bearing Company Apart

by Ruben Trevor

Have you ever called a bearing distributor with specific questions about bearings, only for them to not have an answer, or to have to take time to go find the answer from someone else? Maybe they took a really long time to get back to you—or, even worse, didn’t get back to you at all.

Even though bearing distributors specialize in finding you the bearings you need, they may not readily have answers to your questions about specialty bearings, like ceramic hybrid ball bearings for industrial electric motors. They probably have a general knowledge about ceramic hybrid ball bearings, but not about specific products.

At CBR Bearing, we have made customer service one of our highest priorities. We are readily available to answer your questions about our ceramic hybrid ball bearings either over the phone or by email. Our team members are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. They have the in-depth knowledge about our products to answer even the most technical questions from engineers and mechanics, and they won’t rush to get you off the phone! At CBR, we take the time to explain anything you need or want to know about our bearings.

When your company’s equipment is down, even for a short amount of time, it can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Having a bearing company like CBR who you can call directly and who can give you all the information you need over the phone, is invaluable in times like these.

If we have the bearings you need in stock (and we have many sizes in stock), we can put them in the mail that same day. If we don’t have them on hand, we can start production on them immediately at our California bearing lab and get them out to you usually within a matter of days.

You don’t have to settle for poor customer service or long wait times. At CBR, we take care of our customers and their needs in a timely matter, and we provide them with the highest quality ceramic hybrid ball bearings at affordable prices.

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