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Deciding on Suitable Siding Materials for Your Homes

by Ruben Trevor

Building your dream house is a pretty complicated process. You will have to plan the smallest details, hire the right contractor and oversee that the budget doesn’t run away from you too much. As a homeowner, you understand that you need a house that will protect you and your loved ones from the elements and still provide an exceptional curbside appeal.

One of the crucial elements you have to plan for is the type of material for your house sidings. These may seem trivial to most, but sidings improve the aesthetics of your house and protect it from pests and damage. It also enhances the overall property value, so you must choose the most suitable siding material for your home.

If you’re having difficulty deciding which materials would work best for your particular design, you can contact professional siding contractors in Rockford IL, and they’ll lend their expertise efficiently. Several siding materials options are available in the market. Listed below are some of them.

Wood siding

If you want your home to look beautiful with a natural look, you can choose wood sidings. They’re pretty versatile, and they add a certain charm to your house, depending on the material you choose. You can choose from cedar, spruce, pine, and redwood sidings, and each one will make your home look stunning. You can also customize the profile in which your contractors will apply the sidings to your house.

However, while it’s versatile, affordable, and easily installed, wood sidings are pretty susceptible to pest damage and water rot, so regular maintenance checkups are a must.

Vinyl siding

If wood sidings aren’t appealing to you, you can turn to vinyl sidings. These are synthetic materials that are also pocket-friendly and versatile. Homeowners can choose from various colors and styles, instantly differentiating their homes from their neighbors.

Vinyl allows homeowners to improve the aesthetics of their property, but the material may break under extreme weather conditions, which may cause structural damage, rot, and molds.

Metal sidings

If you’re looking for durable and damage-resistant sidings, you can try out different metal products. They’re long-lasting and can help regulate your house’s interior temperature as they can reflect the sunlight. In addition, most pests won’t affect it, and it doesn’t buckle and warp easily. You can also change their color to easily repaint them if you want an upgrade for your facade. Be mindful when you choose copper material as exposure can change its color. In addition, aluminum sidings can easily dent if hit by hailstones and other objects. Installing metal sidings can set you back a bit because they’re heavy and may require specialized labor.


If you’re in the market for low-maintenance sidings, brick is probably your best choice. You only need periodic cleaning to keep its appearance appealing. It’s not susceptible to pests and rot, too. However, brick is quite expensive and may require expert labor to install properly.

Final takeaways 

Choosing the best siding material for your house will significantly affect the appearance of your home. Each material has its pros and cons, so homeowners need to determine which one would suit their preference best.

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