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Do you change your graph or trade account?

by Ruben Trevor

New traders are often confused between significance to make good trade and make money in their accounts. For my way of thinking, this is one of the main fallers of beginner traders who are often present. To be successful in futures trading, a trader needs to learn to make quality trade consistently. This is not a problem regarding Home Run; New traders need to learn to hit Single and Run occasionally. Of course, this is easier to say than done.


Probability is the name of the game in trade, not luck, not intuition; No, it is important to choose high probability trade consistently. One way to make high probability trade is by avoiding trading against trends. Another way to make high probability trade is developing perfect techniques and the right execution. Strangely, one of these criteria is very difficult to master, at least at the intellectual level. However, throughout the developing trade session situation which can form a trader of psychological market prospects and affect its views on the market.

For example, a trader can start the day with trade succession that doesn’t turn on and lose money. At this point, it was unusual for a trader to glance at the trade account balance and realized that he lost a little money. The natural reaction to the lost trading session is to try and get your account balance back to that place at the beginning of the day. There are two approaches that can be chosen by traders at this time:

1. Experienced traders will remain with the original game plan and gradually trade the way back to profitability, if possible. Sometimes this is not possible, and good traders realize that every day is not a profitable day. It does not matter.

2. In-experience traders can increase the number of contracts he trades to trade the way back to profitability. Furthermore, it is not an unusual thing for non-experienced traders to take lower trade probabilities with their expectations “exercise.” This approach for a difficult day on the market is a recipe for disaster.

It is important to maintain your trade techniques and a psychological approach to trading regardless of the results of your previous trade. It is very important to maintain a sharp laser focus and not deviate from the methodology of your trade plan. On the other hand, a trader may have great trading days. There are also two approaches to be chosen by traders at this time:

1. An experienced trader will remain with the trading methodology normally and proceed on the same lane that has given him a superior trade results for that day. Apart from the balance of his account, an experienced trader did not deviate from his trademark. Great days are luxury to enjoy.

2. And inexperienced traders may feel that he is “on rolls” and taking lower probability trades combined with a higher number of contracts in believing that whatever trade he takes will be profitable. I have seen this on many occasions.

The point is what I’m trying to make is a simple, fixed with your trading methodology and psychological prospects about trading regardless of where you find your account balance. Trash graphics instead of your account balance and you will learn to have consistent results in your trade efforts. Both of these factors are very common with various traders, and I have observed them more than I care about. And I can understand the emotions behind these two types of trade techniques wrong because they are a pretty natural response to find yourself in your account balance or ride on your account balance.

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