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Do You Enjoy Your Number one Things Consistently?

by Ruben Trevor

What are your #1 things? Make a rundown. Truly, at the present time. Get a piece of paper. I’ll stand by.

Presently write down everything that ring a bell. What do you enjoy?


Bubble gum

Strolls around beautiful areas

Snow boarding (this isn’t MY rundown, this is simply to make you think)

Bubble showers

Clean sheets

Long stemmed wine glasses

Rum punch

Exciting rides

Senseless clay


Macintosh and cheddar

Chatting with an entertaining companion

Sparkle lights

The ocean side

Ice fishing

Roller blading


Perhaps you enjoy hula bands, work out with rope, and playing jacks. Perhaps you enjoy Scrabble, Bingo, and spoons. Perhaps you enjoy Shark Week, Julia Roberts films, and Wheel of Fortune.

Perhaps you enjoy hot tea, hot showers, and a hot romance book. Perhaps you enjoy cool showers, cool lemonade, and traditional music. Perhaps you enjoy crossword puzzles, word finds, and frantic libs.

Perhaps you enjoy fixing PCs, one of a kind buttons, and Monty Python. Perhaps you enjoy cultivating, knitting, and finger painting. Perhaps you enjoy jigsaw puzzles, shopping secondhand shops stores, and kayaking.

Record ten things that you enjoy. Record ten more. Ten more. Also, one more. You know have 31 things on your rundown. Also, that is only the start. Continue adding to it at whatever point anything rings a bell. When you get your reasoning down this way, the cerebrum will oblige.

The fact is that there are many, many, numerous things you enjoy. The motivation behind the rundown is to have a substantial, noticeable suggestion to do them.

I enjoy travel. So I do it. Indeed, even a roadtrip an hour from home counts.

Consistently, each and every day, accomplish something that you enjoy. Complete a few things. The previous evening, I took a long stroll with Perfect suitor. I enjoy strolls and I enjoy his organization. That is two things. We strolled along the waterway. That is another thing. I enjoy house gaping and garden ogling. Check. Check. We walked around the frozen yogurt place and got a contort cone AND a cherry slushie. Two additional things I enjoy. That is somewhere around seven things in a single night walk.

This isn’t a list of must-dos that you confirm. This is an update rundown to incorporate the things you love into your ordinary regular routine.

I love sparkle lights. We have a string hung across our bed. I love pretty dish sets. I use it consistently. I love candles. We typically light a flame at supper for no obvious reason.

There is compelling reason need to hang tight for any “event” to consolidate your delights into your consistently world. In the event that you love bubble showers, make a date with yourself to do that this week. Assuming you like swap meets, make a date with yourself to do that this month. Assuming you like paddling, make a date with yourself to do that this late spring.

On the off chance that you like to compose, compose for ten every minutes daily. In the event that you like to sew, begin a task. Assuming you like to get along with companions, get the telephone and broaden a greeting.

We let ourselves hold us up. Shut down your mastermind and check out your heart. What do you enjoy? Do you do what’s necessary of things you cherish?

We think our schedule outclasses the “enjoy” list. Who says?

You can add delights to the unexceptional. You can cover bills while paying attention to your number one music. You can overlay clothing while at the same time watching your #1 show. You can stand by in the orthodontist while perusing your #1 magazine. (I bring my own perusing material all over the place.)

Try not to lounge around trusting that enjoyable things will occur. Be purposeful. Understand what you enjoy and do a piece consistently.

I enjoy dim chocolate with almonds. Think about what sits right in front of me? What’s more, I keep it in a compartment that is pretty and says Delight. Simply looking at it encourages me.

Euphoria isn’t something acquired sometime in the not so distant future, some place. It’s here. It’s the huge things like a terrific excursion, an infant, and a family gathering. Furthermore, it’s the seemingly insignificant details like eating a fudgsicle on a comfortable porch seat.

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