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Dr. Cletus Georges MD – What Covid Teaches Us About Health

by Ruben Trevor

The pandemic may not be over yet but that is no reason that we cannot already look back and learn the lessons which this virus has taught us since it was discovered back at the end of 2019. There are logistical lessons, scientific lessons and medical lessons which we can learn from this outbreak. Experts in the medical community like Dr. Cletus Georges MD however, have rightly suggested that we can all learn something from what has happened, with regards to the way that we look after ourselves.

Here are some of the lessons which we should be taking forward.

Importance of a Strong Immune System

If we look at those who have struggled most when they got Covid-19, we can identify that the large majority of them were either old, immunocompromised or generally unhealthy people. The reason why younger and healthier people were able to deal with this better was that they have much stronger immune systems. When it comes to your immune system some of the factors around its strength are related to age and geographical location, but a lot of it comes down to how we live. It makes perfect sense therefore that we all try and do everything that we can to boost our immune systems in order to avoid any of these kinds of complications.


We also know that many people who struggled had underlying health conditions which worsened their ability to fight the disease. In some people they will have illnesses and diseases which perhaps couldn’t be helped, but this is not the case for everyone. For example if we fail to live a healthy lifestyle then heart and liver disease, lung cancer and diabetes for example, could all become our new underlying health condition. This again is why we must get rid of any bad habits like overindulgence and smoking, and seek to avoid these ailments with a healthy lifestyle. If we fail to do this then we could risk becoming one of those people who have underlying health conditions.

Mental Wellbeing Challenges

If we had done a survey before the pandemic about who felt that they had good mental wellbeing and then repeated the survey afterwards, we would see vastly different results. This is because of the anxiety and the pressures which the virus, the fear and the lockdowns have given us. This is perfectly understandable of course but it does say something about just how fragile so many of us are. This is going to be a positive step for mental health awareness and it is a lesson which we can all learn. Our mental wellbeing is fragile and it is why we should all seek to take steps at making sure that we are on top of it and have positive behaviors which contribute towards it.

These are just some of the lessons which this pandemic can teach us all, and we must ensure that we learn from them.

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