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Home Made Child Food Recipes

by Ruben Trevor

Good dieting from the very outset gives solid starting point for sound turn of events. Train your child to eat various good foods from the start to allow her to find out about flavors and surfaces. Some of the time, it might take a few endeavors to have the baby acknowledge another food, so don’t surrender in the event that she wrinkles up her nose at the peas or beans that you arranged for her!

Home caused child foods to permit guardians to be in complete control with respect to what fixings go into their kids’ bodies. That might be one justification for why a few guardians select to set up the child feasts themselves. Others like to communicate their adoration by making food, or essentially set aside some cash.

Anything your reasoning for choosing to set up your babies food at home, survey the recipes beneath Give them a shot, or think of your own!


Slice one squash down the middle. Place face down in a baking container and add 1 inch of water. Prepare at 400F for ~40 min. or on the other hand until delicate. Scoop out the delicate squash and blend it in with peaches, carrots, or chicken.


1 squash, prepared

1-2 cups earthy colored rice, cooked

½ cup fruit purée

Combine all fixings as one.


Cooked yams can be consolidated for a scrumptious dinner with child grain, fruit purée, carrots, beans, squash, rice, or chicken.


1 little ready banana

bosom milk or recipe

Break banana into pieces. Mix with a blender or food processor. Add bosom milk or equation to thin it out.


½ lbs stripped and washed carrots

bosom milk or recipe

Steam carrots until delicate (~10 minutes). Cool for ~10 minutes. Mix. Add bosom milk or recipe to thin it out.


2 oz cooked and slashed chicken, turkey, meat, or pork

bosom milk or equation

Mix the meat. Eliminate lumps. Add bosom milk or equation to thin it out.

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