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How Do I Handle A Suspended Amazon Account?

by Ruben Trevor

If your Amazon Seller Account was terminated and you fear losing money, you are not alone. Thankfully, you do not have to take a prohibition lying down. Please read the tutorial below for full details on how to get back into your amazon suspended account.

1.         Remain Cool

First of all, maintain your poise. If you are a legitimate businessperson and if your account was an amazon suspended account for too long, you should be certain that you will be able to file a good appeal and get it returned promptly.

Even if you committed an error, you should not be concerned. If you’re sure of yourself and calm during the appeals process, you won’t say anything in your appeal that will make Amazon even more upset.

2.  Rationally Delay Sending Your Initial Request

You should give careful consideration to your amazon suspension appeal. Even though reopening a client’s account could take days, weeks, or months, Seller Performance’s investigators examine each appeal immediately.

If you want your appeal to be heard, you must take the time to compose a logical case. Additionally, you should provide as much pertinent information as possible so that you do not need to speak with them again to clarify something, which will only delay the process. You should exercise extreme caution when using the amazon suspension appeal button.

3.  Always Convey That You Mean Business

Maintain a professional demeanor when submitting your appeal and next actions (more on that below). This means you have to take full responsibility for the suspension, explain how you plan to fix the specific problems listed in your suspension letter and say again that as an Amazon seller, you are committed to giving great customer service.

If you wish to maintain a neutral tone, remove all references to Amazon’s policies and practices. Customers should not be treated poorly, especially if they are bewildered. At Amazon, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. If you demonstrate a lack of concern for your customers, they will be dissatisfied.

4.  Stop Setting Up A New Account

Instead of creating a new account, you should concentrate on crafting the strongest possible appeal. However, creating a new account will not mislead Amazon. They will eventually discover your plan, which will further postpone your return.

5.  Highlight Specific Changes

If you receive a notice of suspension, read it carefully to determine why you were initially placed on administrative leave. Then, you can apply what you’ve learned to improve your business so that it resumes operations more quickly and is not shut down again.

6.         Develop A Plan

After reading your suspension email and figuring out what you could do better, you can start making your “Plan of Action” (PoA), which is an Amazon suspension appeal.


Amazon accounts are often terminated. If you have been temporarily banned from selling, your first objective should be to convince Seller Performance personnel to restore your amazon suspended account. It is important to keep an eye on the company’s finances regularly to make sure it can handle growth and not just a short pause.

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