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How to Make Digging a Fun Activity for Your Pooch?

by Ruben Trevor

Is it that you noticed many holes scattered throughout your yard upon stepping outside? Instead of rushing to Google in search of products claiming to prevent your four paws from digging holes (as numerous companies are eager to capitalize on this issue), let’s begin by grasping the fundamental aspects of this problem.

A quick hack rarely provides long-lasting results when confronted with a behavioral issue in dogs. However, if dogs have been digging due to sickness and injuries, they might need immediate medical assistance. Should you suspect a physical ailment, meet your vet for advice and effective solutions.

At the same time, consider being prepared with pet insurance NZ so that unplanned vet costs are more manageable. Contemplate purchasing puppy insurance so you can support your furry pet with basic medical care during distressing health situations and medical emergencies.

On the flipside, if your fur companion has been digging to beat boredom, or stress and anxiety, consider engaging it with the below-mentioned fun activity.

DIY sandbox

It wouldn’t take more than a few weeks to stumble upon holes in your yard after bringing a new pup into the family. It becomes apparent for you and the family to take action to tackle this affinity for digging. While your concerns can be justifiable, look at the issue from your pooch’s perspective.

Instead of attempting to discourage your furry best friend from this behavior, try making digging a positive experience for it. Create a designated area where your four paws would be allowed to dig to its heart’s content, unrestricted in frequency or intensity.

Do you remember playing in a sandbox when you were a child? Why not set up a similar space for your pup?

Items needed to set up a sandbox

  • A foldable/hard plastic kids’ pool
  • Sand/dirt
  • Tiny pebbles for drainage
  • Durable dog toys

How to set up a sandbox

Identify a suitable section in your yard where you can supervise your dog’s play and digging activities. If your dog has consistently preferred a particular area in the yard, setting up the sandbox directly over that spot might be beneficial. Prior to setting up the sandbox, ensure that the chosen area is free from any debris, such as sticks/rocks or potentially harmful material.

Next steps

  1. Begin by setting up a pool in your desired location.
  2. To ensure proper drainage and prevent the sandbox from becoming muddy after rainfall, create small holes around the bottom of the pool. Distribute them evenly across the surface.
  3. Lay a layer of rocks or stones at the bottom of the pool. This will facilitate drainage and help maintain a dry environment.
  4. Fill the pool with sand or dirt, leaving it approximately halfway to three-quarters full. Be cautious not to overfill it, as the excessive filling may result in the dirt being scattered all over the yard, which can confuse your dog and lead to digging in unintended areas.
  5. Begin by digging in the sandbox yourself, demonstrating the desired behavior to your dog.
  6. Whenever you observe your dog choosing to dig in the sandbox, provide enthusiastic praise and positive reinforcement. This will help reinforce the association between the sandbox and the desired digging behavior.
  7. Consistency and positive reinforcement are vital in teaching your dog to use the designated sandbox for digging while discouraging digging in other areas.

One word of caution, buried treats, mold, peeing, and pooping can make a sandbox a dangerous place for a little pupper to play. Consider being prepared with pet insurance in NZ so that dealing with health emergencies is much easier. Puppy insurance can cover a fur baby for basic health benefits at affordable costs during non-routine vet visits, which is why you should contemplate purchasing a policy.

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