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Is Your Company’s Online Reputation Under Attack? Here’s What To Do

by Ruben Trevor

If you’re searching for business reputation management strategies, it’s likely that your company’s online reputation is in trouble. You’re not alone. Even one negative review can be tough for a business to overcome. A business incident that’s portrayed negatively in the press can be even harder to move past. Many businesses struggle to manage their online reputation.

Thankfully, there is help available. You don’t have to figure out reputation management by yourself.

Here, we’ll take a look at business public relations strategies that can help your company create a strong online presence.

Choose a Solid Reputation Management Company

Working with a professional reputation management company is a smart move. An experienced reputation management team can provide SEO services, positive press, and more.

This means when people search your business, they’re more likely to find the good — not the bad. When you’re working to grow your business, it’s tough to take on reputation management on your own. Working with the pros can take a load off your shoulders.

Your reputation management company can work to create articles that draw in potential customers. SEO strategy can help ensure that customers searching for terms related to your services are directed to your business. A reputation management company knows how to craft articles and blogs that draw customers to you.

A reputation management company can work with writers to develop positive press for your company. After identifying the causes of your reputation problem, a reputation management company can create text that fights the issue.

If you’ve received negative press, it’s likely that you check reviews often. When you work with a reputation management company, you don’t have to. Your management company will take care of reading new reviews. This means that you can focus on running your business while letting someone else worry about the latest review.

Fight Negativity With Positivity

Trying to figure out how to remove complaints from the complaints board? Removing negative reviews can be impossible. Instead of getting complaints and negative reviews removed, fight back with positivity.

You’ll need a solid stream of positive reviews to counteract negative reviews. Don’t try to write a review of your own business. It comes off as disingenuous, and it’s a lot of work. Instead, get some trusted customers to do the heavy lifting for you.

Some ways to get customers to leave positive reviews include:

  • Print and frame positive reviews for your storefront
  • Ask satisfied customers if they’d mind leaving a review
  • Respond to every review your business receives (positive or negative)
  • Ask customers who leave negative reviews a discount if they try your business again

While you can’t edit Google business listings, you can use the power of positive customers to your advantage.

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