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Modern technologies that can change your business

by Ruben Trevor

Many businesses are turning to modern technologies nowadays to get things done, such as automating business processes or keeping remote workforces connected. Depending on the technology you use, the impact this has on your business can be revolutionary.

As the world gravitates towards digitisation at an ever-increasing pace, many businesses now rely on various technologies to maintain a competitive edge. Understanding what other businesses are doing to improve efficiency may help you decide whether you could benefit from such changes. Here are some modern technologies that could change your business for the better:

Employee benefits software

This technology is rapidly gaining attention, as its benefit-cost ratio is high, meaning it costs very little in relation to the business impact it can have. Solutions such as this one can be implemented in under two months, at which point businesses start reaping the rewards.

Employee benefits software offers an efficient way to administer and manage benefits. This can boost employee engagement and help them get the most value from the benefits you provide. It also saves on paperwork, which is good for your bottom line and the environment.

Communications platforms

This technology has soared in popularity since more and more people have begun working from home, as they offer a great way to stay in touch with employers and colleagues. Many professionals are familiar with tools such as Microsoft Teams, which countless people have relied on to do their jobs in recent years.

Microsoft Teams and similar products enable workforces and business leaders to maintain contact at all times, as you can easily message and call people through these platforms. Not only this, but professionals can use them as project management tools, ensuring maximum productivity, even when colleagues are dispersed geographically.

If you have a remote workforce that relies on texts and phone calls to keep in touch, you could probably benefit from using a reputable communications platform. These act as virtual working environments and can facilitate large-scale cooperation between staff and managers. Even those working in traditional business premises can benefit from this technology, as it enables quick and easy communication.

Marketing automation tools

Automation tools are developing rapidly, and these have the potential to give businesses a significant advantage over their competitors who lack such tools. This technology enables businesses to automate various repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing up valuable time, saving money and boosting productivity.

Marketing automation tools ultimately help businesses market more effectively and with greater efficiency, meaning more customers and greater profits. One of the main ways they do this is by collecting large volumes of data on customer behaviour and marketing results. This allows marketers to use the data to create more effective ads for less money.

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