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Nutrition to improve cardiovascular health

by Ruben Trevor

The cardiovascular system is a unit consisting of a heart, blood vessels and blood. Thus, cardiovascular health refers to the healthy function of this unit, which can be activated with useful coordination of the three constituents.

It is true that there are several natural techniques, which are recommended to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Some of them followed a healthy diet, pursuing moderate exercise, controlling tobacco use and reducing psychological stress.

However, the health regime alone is not sufficient to improve cardiovascular health. There is no guarantee about the diet which is exactly “healthy” or how much sport is “moderate”. Furthermore, many individuals may have difficulty stopping shooting, and stress is almost impossible.

Because of this uncertainty and inhibition, nutrition is the best way to improve cardiovascular health. They are both effective and reliable.

Grape seed extract and resveratrol are two nutrients that are most supportive for cardiovascular health.

Grape seed extract (GSE):

Ground seed extract from red wine wine is referred to as grape seed extract. This extract is known to conduct miracles for cardiovascular health. Grape seed extract affects the cardiovascular system by

Enrich blood circulation
Lowers cholesterol.
Prevent placat formation
Grape seed extract improves cardiovascular health by helping arteries relax to allow easy blood flow. They also help arteries by preventing accumulated plaque on arterial walls.

Plaque is a mass of unwanted substance, which consists of cholesterol, fat, cellular waste, etc. Accumulation of this vestigial substance in the arteries causes atherosclerosis.

Change another of the grape seed extract is that they prevent capillary damage. They help in the production of nitrate oxide, which is a chemical needed for subtle blood circulation and normal blood pressure.


Anti-oxidants found in grape skin and red wine juice are known as resveratrol. This anti-oxidant is known to have an extraordinary effect on heart health. He:

Prevent Oxidation of Cholesterol
Prevent local coagulation
acting as free radical scavengers
help in the production of nitric oxide.
Being an anti-oxidant, resveratrol prevents Oxidation of LDL cholesterol. It is beneficial for cardiovascular health because it hinders the accumulation of inflammatory cells, which promotes plaque formation.

Resveratrol also prevents blood platelet cohesion. This is how to prevent the formation of local coagulation, which is the main cause of a heart attack.

Resveratrol property as an anti-oxidant also in action when protecting arteries from free radicals. It inhibits free radical oxidation to prevent damage to the layers in the arteries.

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