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Providing Student Housing for the 21st Century – Nelson Partners

by Ruben Trevor

As college, and the college experience evolve, so too must student housing. Nelson Partners is leading the way in designing and constructing modern, forward-thinking student housing communities that meet the needs of both students and universities.

Nelson Partners understands that for student housing to be successful, it must provide residents with a sense of community. Therefore, the company’s communities are designed with social spaces that encourage interaction and networking. Here are some of the ways they are meeting the evolving needs of college students:

Studios to 4-bedroom living options

To target the demographic it wants, Nelson Partners has designed communities with a variety of apartment sizes. This provides flexibility for student housing operators when leasing units. Oftentimes, students are flexible about their living arrangements, so this strategy allows operators to lease quickly.

Nelson Partners’ communities also offer a mix of private and shared bedroom units. This allows for more interaction and creates a sense of community.

Fitness center and yoga studio

In order to encourage residents to stay healthy, Nelson Partners’ communities include fitness centers and yoga studios. These spaces provide a place for students to work out and relax without leaving the community.

Amenities they often request include: outdoor kitchens and grills, clubhouses, computer cafes with printers and internet access, and bike racks.

Technology-Enabled Housing

Technology is a key component of the college experience. They are designing communities with smart-home features that allow residents to control their environment with their phones or tablet. This includes features like voice-activated lighting, climate control, and security systems.

By incorporating these features, Nelson Partners is creating communities that are comfortable and convenient, and future-proof. In addition, students will be able to use these features long after they graduate.

Bike racks for easy transportation

Nelson Partners understands that many students like to get around on bikes. So to make transportation easy, the company installs bike racks in all of its communities.

High-Speed Internet

In order to stay connected and entertained, Nelson Partners provides high-speed internet and cable TV in all of its communities. This ensures that students have everything they need right at their fingertips.

The rise of online classes means students need high-speed internet more than ever. Nelson Partners is meeting this need by providing some of the fastest internet speeds in the industry.

Focus on Safety and Security

One of the most important aspects of student housing is safety and security. Nelson Partners understands this and has designed communities with features that ensure residents feel safe.

This includes secure entrances, well-lit walkways, and video surveillance. In addition, Nelson Partners employs a full-time safety and security team to ensure that residents feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Shorter-Term Leases

In order to appeal to the ever-changing student population, Nelson Partners offers leases that are shorter in duration. This allows students to move in and out of communities as their needs change.

It’s clear that Nelson Partners is leading the way in student housing design. Their communities provide all the amenities and features that today’s college students need and want. By providing the right balance of flexibility and convenience, Nelson Partners is helping universities keep up with their evolving student populations.

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