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Restoring your digestive health and natural health.

by Ruben Trevor

Your digestive system is responsible for breaking the food you eat and provide energy to the rest of your body for optimal performance. If your digestive system does not work properly, all your other bodily functions will suffer, which will cause various diseases and diseases.

Health problems that may arise due to digestive problems range from mild disorders, such as stomach discomfort, irritable intestinal disorder and dyspepsia (all of which can be very uncomfortable and debilitating), serious health problems, such as the Diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel syndrome and colon cancer, which can even be fatal. All these health problems that are caused by digestive problems, therefore, make it essential to have a digestive health system.

To better understand how to restore your digestive health, you must first know how the digestive process works. The digestive process begins in his mouth, where his food mixes with his saliva and acts on an enzyme known as Ptylase that is in his saliva. From here, his food enters the esophagus and through that stomach.

Once in your stomach, the food breaks even more by stomach acids and then this mixture (known as Chyme) enters its intestines. Here, the mixture is acts on pancreatic digestive enzymes, which metabolize vital nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, etc.) and convert them into substances that can then be easily absorbed by the body. The non-digested portions and residual matters are excreted from their body through intestinal movements.

Therefore, for adequate digestive functioning, it is important that:

Masting your food thoroughly
There is adequate stomach acid in your body (neither more nor less)

Your food is high in digestive enzymes.

It does not have a high intake of antibiotics and chlorinated water, which can affect the digestive process.

Your food is high in fiber to facilitate the intestine.
Movements, thus maintaining your body free of harmful waste.
As you can see, your digestive system is a fairly complex system and any breakdown in this process can cause serious health problems. This is the reason why you need to restore your digestive health, which can be done by following the 4R approach that includes:

Eliminate: which refers to the elimination of the disease that causes pathogens, germs, bacteria and viruses from your body. This is achieved through fasting, the use of natural laxatives, natural antibiotic medications and food feeding in fibers.

Replace: which refers to replacing deficient digestive enzymes with wide-spectrum digestive enzyme supplements.

Reingule: It focuses on adding good bacteria to your intestines to help the digestive process. This is achieved through the use of high quality probiotics (which is a liquid supplement containing living bacteria; or powders, capsules and tablets containing frozen bacteria). In addition to adding bacteria directly through supplements, the reingoculation phase can also be achieved by ingesting natural foods that increase the amounts of good bacteria in your body.

Repair: This last step focuses on using natural supplements that help to repair and strengthen the structure of the intestinal walls, in order to optimize its operation.
To determine the exact approach to follow, research may be required to discard any underlying significant disorder that can send a specific medical therapy, so it is essential to consult an alternative doctor to restore your digestive health.

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