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Start a business plan

by Ruben Trevor

Factors that must be considered when preparing a start up business plan

Why is it important to have a start up business plan?

Starting and maintaining a good business is not an easy task. But this can be achieved with a good business plan. Otherwise, you can’t expect a lot of clean benefits from your business. In addition, your business will fail and suddenly damaged. On the other hand there is a good initial business design before every successful online business.

There are various aspects of a good business plan. Therefore the start up business idea must be equipped with good management and marketing along with several other factors. You have to handle it carefully and wisely to maintain a good business.

Factors that are relevant to the start up business plan

Marketing is one of the main aspects that must be mentioned in your initial business layout. First of all you have to determine what you will sell and who you choose as your potential market. There must be a good market for commodities that you will sell. Therefore if you have decided what you will sell, you have to find out if there is a potential market in your area. If not, you must choose an area with a good market for certain commodities. Therefore your geographical area will open a business is one of the main things that must be mentioned in your initial business plan.

Why are you producing or selling certain commodities? Is it profitable? These are some of the main aspects that must be mentioned. If your business is retail, surely you have to get customers from a certain area. But if you have all sales sales or manufacturing for export purposes you might not need to pay attention to customers living in the geographical area around your business.

Management is one of the main concerns in your initial business plan. First you must realize what kind of business you will start. This can be a single ownership, partner business, corporate type or cooperative company. The body management must be designed according to the type of business. It must be mentioned in your initial business plan.

Capital is one of the main factors you must consider. Therefore you must set aside enough capital to operate your business. These include money, land, vehicles and office equipment such as furniture, computers and printers..etc. You must be aware of what type of asset you need to run your business. You must leave other assets that are not important to run your business. So the capital plays an important role in the initial business plan.

Propaganda is one of the main factors that you must include in your initial business plan. If the production or stock of sales is for export purposes you may not need to use local media such as radio, television, newspapers. But you might need to maintain a good website where overseas customers can see complete product details. They must be given complete details about the product and online order method.

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