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Summer-Ready Your Home in 5 Ways

by Ruben Trevor

After what seems like an endless winter comes the brighter days. But just like the cold weather, hot and humid summer brings with it a handful of challenges, which would require you to perform several maintenance tasks to help you get through it. So, here are some tips on how to keep your home ready so you and your family can enjoy the hot summer days. Read on.

  1. Prep your AC

Undoubtedly, your air conditioning unit is an essential item at home during summer. However, it could be overworked if the temperature gets crazy high. Give a quick call to a heating and cooling company like  McNallyHVAC to check your system for errors and repair any malfunction, big or small. This dependable service provider will not leave any stone unturned to ensure your AC gets you through the sunny season comfortably.

  1. Install insulation and seal the drafts in your doors and windows

Save energy by installing insulation in the attic or loft to prevent cold air from escaping through the roof. Meanwhile, the windows and doors need proper weatherstripping to fill in the gaps. Keep the heat outside, and your home will feel more comfortable without demanding too much energy. If you have insulation and weatherstripping already installed, check them before the start of the summer to ensure that they are still in shape. If they are old and worn out, you must replace them to serve their purpose best.

  1. Clean the drains and gutters

Winter lets water collect in the drains and gutters. If they are not cleaned once the cold weather subsides, they will drain into the pipes and flow into the basement. Better keep the water away from your property so they will not create water damage, which may cost a significant amount of money.

  1. Clear up the chimney

Take advantage of the fair weather to clear up the chimney, which should have filled during the cold months. Doing so will help you avoid chimney fires and the risks they may bring to your property.

  1. Inspect your yard, deck, and patio

When the weather is fine, you will have many opportunities to be outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and scenic views. Make your yard worth it by giving it a makeover. Prune trees that were heavily damaged by the freezing cold. Replace dead plants with flowers and let those blooms brighten every summer day. You must also prep your deck and patio because you will surely love to spend your morning coffee and afternoon teas there. To enjoy your property at night, you can install string lights to make it look starry and bright. It would be lovely to have your barbecues with friends and family, sharing some outdoor fun against such a charming background.

By preparing your home for summer, you can enjoy the weather even better. It will only take a few routine procedures to ensure your comfort during the hot days while keeping your property well-tended to keep up with the challenges of the season.

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