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Underground Cellar – Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

by Ruben Trevor

Wine brewing has come a long way and has undergone a lot of positive changes from when it was first brewed in 6000 BC. The modern technological age also saw the process of winemaking attain a new level of sophistication.

Although most people drink wine for pleasure, only a few people recognize wine for the health benefits it possesses. Red and white wine have been found to possess significant nutritional benefits. This might even be more important than the feeling of pleasure it stimulates in its partakers. Generally, the beneficial properties of red wine vary, depending on the age of the wine, the kind of grape that was used, and the region in which the wine was brewed.

The modern age of IT and communication has made it possible for wine to be readily purchased physically and in online stores like the Underground Cellar. That said, we’ll now explore the nutritional and health benefits of drinking red wine.

Source of Antioxidants, Flavonoids, and Polyphenols

Red wine contains antioxidants which are prized for their ability to prevent cancer and lower cholesterol. In addition, drinking wine helps to increase the level of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) which is good for the body as it helps augment the arteries.

Flavonoids are compounds that are naturally found in plants, they have the special effect of inhibiting tumorigenic growth in the human body. When flavonoid-containing plants are used to brew wine, this automatically imbues the wine with cancer-preventing abilities.

The polyphenols in wine help to protect and ensure the proper functioning of blood vessels in the heart, thereby preventing heart diseases.

Prevention of Arthritis

Studies have shown that red wine is useful in the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. In 2012, Sweedish researchers found out that autoimmune responses are more efficiently controlled in people who have been partaking in wine for years. Certain properties in red wine reduce the production of chemicals that induce the onset of rheumatoid arthritis.

Estrogen Inhibition in Women

In pre-menopausal women, estrogen is a hormone that can stimulate the growth of cancerous cells. However, a study conducted in Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles California showed that grape skins and seeds can inhibit estrogen productions in females, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.

Other researchers challenged the result of this research, however, nothing conclusive evidence was brought forth to disprove the results.

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