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Utilize smart phones for business marketing

by Ruben Trevor

Ever undergone back home just because you left your cellphone?

Life has never been easier since the appearance of cellphones. This does not only apply to dealing with personal problems but also for business transactions. Executives can receive calls even though they are not in their office; Marketing professionals can contact prospects; and procurement can easily communicate with suppliers. It’s just a few comforts brought by cellphones.

Over time, technological progress. This only means more and more features can be used to increase marketing efforts for your English business.

In Q1 2011, 48% of cellphones in the UK are smartphones and sales are increasing too at crazy speeds. Not long before the smartphone will not only dominate traditional cellphones but even make it outdated.

What does this trend mean for business in the UK?

It is very clear that marketing directed to smartphones will definitely reach and penetrate our target market. The next question is, “How can this be done?”

Here are some of the current mobile features and related advantages for business marketing.

Traditional calls and text

Because almost everyone if not all bring their cellphones wherever they go, then the best way to reach someone is through his cellphone. Telemarketing marketing and SMS will definitely be useful for reaching cellphones.

You can pro-actively market your business with a cold call prospect or call leads from marketing companies that specialize in lead generations. If you choose a cold call, you will need a marketing list or marketing database for your target market. There are marketing companies that also offer this database at low prices.

On the other hand, you might prefer calling a pre-qualified lead, interested in knowing more about your product or service, or interested in utilizing your product immediately. Lead generation companies can help you with sales prospects that are in accordance with your ideal market target.

SMS marketing is one cost-effective option that can be used even by small businesses. At a very minimal cost, you can notify the market about the existence of your business, the promotion offer you have, and have continued the trade from existing customers. You can do this at home or have outsourced to a marketing company. Doing this in-house still requires you to have a marketing list, SMS marketing system, and a set of personnel that will unite everything. Another option is to make it outsourcing and just sit while hot lead rolling from the SMS marketing campaign.

Internet connectivity

This is one of the important revolutions in cellphones. Your target market can now access your site anywhere. The features used to lock up on computers are now actually available at the fingertips. It’s just a single click from any smartphone. This only means that investing in search engine optimization (SEO) and email explosions will now result in higher investment returns for business.

In generations where almost everything can be found through search engines like Google, it is important to make your business registered online and see it that your website appears above your competitors. This is where SEO enters. With SEO, you can increase traffic to your website and therefore, make your presence known by those looking for your product or service.

On the other hand, why just wait for customers to look for you if you can start customer relationships by sending something via emailing them? With the current features that integrate emails to smartphones, your email will reach your target market faster and more effective.

In general, one of the marketing strategies mentioned above can make many differences for your business growth and prosperity but applying it side by side

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