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VoIP Mobile dependence on Wi-Fi technology

by Ruben Trevor

Many telephone users escape from telephone services to VoIP phones. Not only one single reason is responsible for this migration. There are various things that are taken into account like; Lower call fees, high data transfer speeds, excellent sound quality, portability, more responsive telephone systems, and much more reliable telephone services. VoIP No doubt is great service when compared to the phone but the demands of customers from VoIP phones continue to increase because they now want to have portable services in their main sense such as cellphones, which have led to require cellular VoIP services.

It’s been a lot of work done on VoIP phones to make it happen from dreams. Previous efforts all failed, who did not produce fruit. The biggest obstacle that always blocks the spread of VoIP mobile technology is the speed of wireless internet connection.

Wi-Fi and VoIP Mobile Technology

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) has worked very hard to bring up new new wireless standards in performance and have thoroughly examined them.

The closest to the previous Wi-Fi technology can get it is 3G technology used to provide VoIP services while traveling. 3G technology has a real increase in terms of data transfer speeds offered but still need more, which is not able. Research and development on Wi-Fi technology finally brought 4G technology solutions. 3G is only able to provide data transfer speeds of 40 megabits per second. On the other hand, 4G technology is much faster than 3G and this is not an increase in miners but not the main one. 4G will be able to transfer data at one gigabit per second, which means 4G many times faster than 3G technology.

Many wireless internet connection providers have begun to offer 4G to customers but will take time before you can enjoy 4G technology in every part of the world. There is one big problem with 4G and it is its availability only in some parts of the world. This means that you have to wait to use your VoIP service where you want. Wireless network service providers must face a tiring task to invest a large amount of money to improve their infrastructure because people today need to be improved before 4G can be available everywhere. This is also a big challenge for service providers. Not all companies are able to make such investments into this technology and secondly not every part of the world has demand for expensive technology.

There are still obstacles in the spread of 4G technology throughout the world but there is no point in arguing about the fact that VoIP cellphones are very reality not too far away

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