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Weakness of technological advancements

by Ruben Trevor

Very good technology. Every year smaller, faster, cheaper, and more comfortable. Only a few people argue that we are better a century ago without things like cellphones and the internet. Whatever appears in our grasp in this information. Only in the last decade we have seen the revolution and evolution of technology that can be called Renaissance.

In the Western world especially, people live very comfortably with facilities and convenience which until the past few decades will be called luxury. Imagine throwing the concept of microwave or television cable to someone from only three generations passing. They will most likely think that idea does not make sense. “Who needs things like that?” They will think for themselves. After all, they managed to live their whole life without ever creating a MySpace profile. But today people won’t know what to do without these things.

Because technology has advanced and evolved, as well as our perspective on technology. Most have learned to accept technology and integrate them into their lives only as part of life puzzles; A big piece at that time.

And there I think is the problem. Technology has become a very large part of our lives. Yes, technology actually works for us, but also true that we depend on it. We are helpless without our gadget. From the birth we are accustomed to relying on technology to complete something and we are a good race to get things done. Take technology and we must learn many things; missing conversation art for example.

Which brought me to my second point: We spend so much time learning how to use the technology that I force me to wonder what the ratio of the benefits of costs no longer benefits us. Think about how much time you spend to learn to use a new cellphone or video game system. Heck, think about how long you learn how to use the internet. All of these things develop and more complex. How many of our lives must invest in adapting to future technology. Think about how complicated the world is for the next generation, and then.

In this fact someone never gets something from nothing. There is always a tradeoff. Even if someone doesn’t recognize the price for something, rest assured that there is a price. With scientific and technological advances, we get a lot of comfort and knowledge. Instead, we give up simplicity.

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