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What is the secret of perfect cooking?

by Ruben Trevor

Cooking is a method in which heat is used to get different types of foods ready for consumption. There are many different cooking methods. For example, if you fry food, you use hot hot oil; If you blow the food, you use very little oil to cook the food; Or if you mix food, you use tiny oil quantities to quickly fry food in a wok.

Today, because of awareness, people have become very conscious of how food is prepared. They want to eat food that is healthy prepared. That’s why many people are looking for the secret of perfect cooking. Here perfect concerns a healthy cooking method and does not use too much oil.

Fortunately, there are different cooking methods considered healthy and, consequently, they are considered perfect cooking methods.

The skeleton is one of these methods. Here, the cooking food is placed in a closed container and then cooking slowly in very little liquid. This type of cooking is mainly used for difficult meat cuts. The skeleton improves the flavor and allows the different flavors to mix to give a delicious taste.

The embers is another method of cooking food without using too much oil. It is used to mainly cook meats. The meat is initially browned and then cooked in a small liquid in a closed container. Poaching involves cooking in a liquid that is maintained below the boiling point. On the other hand, boiling ensures that the liquid reaches its boiling point and then boiling until the food is carefully cooked. Roasting and cooking are similar. Both involve the use of dry dry air in an oven. However, roasting and cooking are used in the preparation of different types of dishes. For example, you will cook when you make a cake, but roast will be used when making an oven chicken.

You can use one of the methods mentioned above to cook perfectly. Always remember that using heat, you kill bacteria and pathogens. Of course, the food should be cooked at a certain temperature for this to happen. Your food should always be cooked above 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit to kill pathogens. Something less than this temperature will not kill pathogens.

In addition, the fruits and vegetables used for cooking should be carefully washed under running water to get rid of dirt, grime and chemicals that can be present on the surface of the fruit or vegetables.

All the above methods use little oil for cooking food. Therefore, they are considered the perfect methods of cooking.

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