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Your Best Guide to the Costs Involved in Tile Removal, Replacement, and Installation

by Ruben Trevor

We all know how durable tiles can be, and this is why it remains one of the most popular types of flooring in the world, used for different rooms, from the bathroom to the kitchen to the patio and even to the bedroom. Tiles are also known for being low-maintenance, and it doesn’t take much to clean them and keep them looking good. Aside from this, you have a wide range of choices for designs and patterns, and you can also use tile not just for floors but also for walls and a host of other surface areas. But if you are tired of your current tiles and are thinking of having them removed and replaced with new ones, here’s your best guide to the costs involved in tile removal, replacement, and installation.

  • Removal expenses

Some of us may be lucky enough to be in the business of removing tiles ourselves, but hiring a tile removal specialist is the answer for many. Removing existing tiles is an essential process, and an expert tile removal service will make short work of it and ensure the process is done seamlessly and efficiently. For removal, you can expect to spend around $3 – $5/square foot in terms of materials and approximately $5 – $8/sq. foot in terms of labor. Keep in mind that there is also a backer board under the tiles (made from cement), and to replace this would cost about $6 – $10 for each square foot.

  • Installation expenses

Once you have had all the tiles removed by a professional, you will have to install new tiles. The total cost of this may be around $7 – $15 for each square foot, but this is just for standard tile floors. The installation cost can also vary in the cost of the tiles, extra materials, and labor.

Another factor affecting the overall installation cost is the kind of room or space you would want to be tiled (and its size) and the kind of tile you would like to use.

  • Labor expenses

You also have to contend with the cost of labor for installing the tiles, which could be from $4 – $30 for every square foot. The cost of labor can also vary depending on the area which needs tiling. For example, if you are planning to install tiles on the floor, the cost of labor can be from $4 to around $14/square foot. If you plan a tile countertop or backsplash, the labor costs could be from $25 – $30 or more for every square foot. To set mortar with a backer board of cement under the tiles, the cost of labor can be approximately $7 – $14/square foot.

Another aspect you should remember is that while many installers will base their fees and rates per square foot, other installers may charge per hour. So depending on the size of your project and how complex it is, you may pay around $30 – $120 every hour.

Make sure to ask for a written quote or estimate from your prospective tile installer, and compare up to three quotes or estimates to decide which one gives you the best value – but remember that it’s better to pay a bit extra as long as you know you are getting high-quality service.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com

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